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Aegeon Music

Welcome to official website of Aegeon Music Group, the members of which are singer Zaruhi Mikoyan, composer Areg Panyan, poets Maria Tuchak and Armine Ghazaryan, designer Mark Mikoyan, technical support and programming Areg Mikoyan.

Good news: Our first album, Sacred And Profane Love, is now available! The album contains 10 songs and 2 bonuses - Heaven Wings (Rock Cover) and (Club Mix). Names of the songs are supposed to be labels for future 10 albums to be produced by our group on which we are already working. Each album is going to be in the same genre as the song by the name of which it was called.

Production of Aegeon Music Group

Aegeon Music Production gives an opportunity to download short musical tracks (Loops) for website and application creators. Such musical figuration will make your website far more original. Based on the theme of your website, it is possible to find such musical formalization that would emphasis your individuality.

Aegeon Music Production also brings to your attention short musical tracks (Calls) for phone calls. Choosing the melody close to your heart, you can download it in MP3 format 320kbps and 192kbps. Those tracks are the authentic works of Aegeon Music Group. We wish you pleasant emotions as your phone rings!

For the Fans of our Group!!!
You have the opportunity to sing with us in the specifically-created section - Aegeon Music Karaoke.

Projects of Aegeon Music Group

With the efforts of specialists of Aegeon Music, a new project is called to life that is an innovation in the sphere of musical education for children and students of various musical institutions. The project is a form of online teaching including musical dictations (one voice, two voices, three voices) (Dictations Project), solfeggio (the singing - one voice, two voices) (Solfeggio Project) and assessment of rhythmic ability of the kids.

Besides, will be a special library (Transport Project) for vocalists where they can find arias and romances from armenian, russian and foreign composers in transportations (within the limits of big third up and down from the original).


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