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All of the content on aegeonmusic.com website is owned by Aegeon Music Group, except for the notes (music pieces of other Authors), presented in educational projects. In order to avoid violation of intellectual property rights, we advise against copying materials (audio tracks, video, posters and images) for the purpose of further dissemination. The users are authorized to download only the materials with free access provided by Aegeon Music. Also, it is prohibited to disseminate the materials in free access by copying and placing them on other websites. We strongly condemn any illegal act that may lead to violation of our copyrights, as well as the right of all Authors (musicians) whose music pieces are involved in projects of Aegeon Music Group.

For Authors

Opportunities for Authors, whose works are presented in Aegeon Music projects: Authors become the owners of the new electronic edition of their works completely free of charge. At the same time, the works of Authors presented in aegeonmusic.com website allows the Authors to show their art to the world and also to contribute to education of children and students. All projects provide a free opportunity to train the hearing in Musical Dictations project, train their Solfeggio singing and to easily get the required tone transport of the vocal works in Transport project.

Authors rights: Authors' works uploaded to Aegeon Music Group are used in the projects solely for the purposes of education of children and students of various musical institutions. All of the notes of these works are set only by the specialists of Aegeon Music group and do not copy the content of other websites and editions. Aegeon Music Group does not charge for note download, online trainings with musical dictations and solfeggio singing, because the projects have solely a beneficial purpose. Upon any request from the Author, his/her works placed in one of the educational projects will be immediately removed from aegeonmusic.com. Therefore, we ask the Authors to send us a mail (address - aegeonmusic@mail.ru) with this mandatory information: Author Name, Last Name, Stage Name (if available), Address, E-mail, Type And Title Of The Work. Also send the electronic copy of authorship certificate issued by the Union of Authors Rights, (this document is needed to verify that you are the author of the mentioned work) to avoid removal of the work without the consent of the real Author. If the said document is not available, please, call us at (+374). The allowed formats of the scanned document are "jpg" and "png".

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We use cookies to store the last results of search system of Musical Dictations, Solfeggio and Note Transport projects. Cookies data do not contain information about the user and user's actions.

If you decide to use the platform and do not turn off or block the cookies, you give your consent to use of cookies for storing the results of the search system in your browser. If you do not agree with our cookies policy, please block or turn off the cookies in your browser's settings or settings of your mobile application.

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